Parenting Tip #8 Teach Your Kids to Never Talk to Strangers

never talk coverLet’s face the facts people, your children are annoying. The way they talk, yell, breath, and overall behave around others. Teaching your children to never talk to strangers isn’t because strangers are scary or might kidnap them, it’s because your kids are annoying and really no one wants to hear them talk. When I think of this lesson I am often reminded by my trip to the community pool. Sitting there minding my business. Trying to ignore/watch my kids at the pool, one eye on my children, the other eye on my Blackberry and the other eye that I said should be on my children but realistically it’s on my laptop. Then out of no where this little girl with bleached blonde hair and the most irritating curls looked up at me from out of the pool and said “Watch me jump in the pool!” I quickly yelled don’t talk to strangers you are annoying them! As I stared her father dead in the eyes with a look that said spend more time with your child and maybe they wouldn’t talk to strangers.


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13 responses to “Parenting Tip #8 Teach Your Kids to Never Talk to Strangers

  1. This blog’s really quite intersting.. Thankyou 🙂

  2. Neversaydie

    I like the picture.

  3. Wow, this is frickin’ hilarious! It’s my new favorite blog. Cheers to you!

  4. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I just put your link on my site, too. I look forward to following your shenanigans …

  5. modestmeaghan

    ha! there is nothing more annoying when other people’s children (or children in general since I don’t have any) want you to be interested in them.

    • fkdupdad

      Thank you…. See it tricked me at first because I liked my kids and then I meet other kids and realized after they are annoying..

  6. This is a VERY funny blog. I love this post, it is so true. Very funny.

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