Parenting Tip # 7 Always Make Sure The Theme Park You Visit Serves Alcohol

imagesLook, theme parks are fun for children. But for adults it can be kind of a nightmare. Standing on long lines to watch your child have fun, well that seems less than rewarding. In order to calm your nerves it is important to be drunk. Very important and very drunk. This way you are relaxed through out the day and when the time comes to be a great parent you will also have enough nerve to curse someone out, especially when they cut the line. Everyone else sits there and watches, their child looks up at their parent and waits for them to save the day, but the parent is too afraid of confrontation. Not in this case, when you have already blown through half the child’s college fund on beer at the concession stands, theirs no battle to small.


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10 responses to “Parenting Tip # 7 Always Make Sure The Theme Park You Visit Serves Alcohol

  1. Greg

    A flask of RUM goes a long way in the Magic Kingdom!!!

  2. LOL. Lots and lots of alcohol.

  3. Abso

    I would very much like to run into you at a theme park.

  4. aunt angie

    “there’s no battle…” And I totally agree. My dad was way more fun at Octoberfest than he was at a church festival

  5. Bullethead

    Disney adventures are always better on acid. Keeps the kids guessing what mom & dad will do or say next, too.

  6. Sidney Cooke

    That’s the problem with thumbnail JPEGs. The bottle of wine in Mickey Mouse’s hand looks a little bit like Minnie Mouse’s arm.

  7. JasonR

    I can hardly handle a few hours with my niece and/or nephew if I’m sober, much less a full day or more!

    Chuck E. Cheese is my favorite place to take them- turn ’em loose to play with dozens of other rugrats and start tossing back some cold brews…and they even put a tracking/alarm device on them just in case someone is dumb enough to take one of them!

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