Parenting Tip #9 Always Place the Blame on your Children

finger-pointingBy placing the blame on your child you teach them early on that they should not only take responsibility for their actions but to also take ownership for questionable stuff their parents might have done. For instance puking in the pool, because daddy had too much to drink. Daddy isn’t going to take the wrap for that mistake, because that is embarrassing and also the reason they banned alcohol at the community pool last year. Instead blame your child, say something cleaver like it must have been something they ate. Take them out of the pool and rub their tummy in a caring way that almost shows you are slightly concerned for them. This also works at parties as well. Another way to place blame on your kids is if there is a social event that you would rather not go too. Sorry, we don’t have a sitter for the kids.


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10 responses to “Parenting Tip #9 Always Place the Blame on your Children

  1. Perfect! Where were you when my kids were growing up? 😀

  2. Neversaydie


  3. LOL. That is so funny. I love this blog. Very funny stuff.

  4. That is priceless! Demented, but priceless =0)


  5. Great tip. I plan to use this one and I don’t even have kids…

  6. rj

    Yes, it is true, you can use random kids, friends’ kids or relatives!!

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