Parenting Tip #11 Science Projects


Let’s be real for a minute, Your child is a reflection of you. When they go out into the world they showcase the knowledge you have taught them throughout the years. In public situations it is important for them to be better then the other children. The Science Fair is a pivotal moment for parenting. One should never allow their child to have anything to do with the science project for fear of messing up this important event. Everyone at school will be seeing this project and it is essential for it to scream greatness. Mentally abusing your child and make them feel dumb and incompetent at home is a must, but one should never let that bleed to the outside world. As a parent you must build the most elaborate science project ever and let the school know not only do you know NASA Scientists, but you had them design the whole project and your child is a genius for simply bringing the project to school. You must coach your child not to ruin the project. When passers by ask questions like “Tell me about your project” Your child must answer “I don’t know my dad and his friends made it, he will be here in a minute.” You don’t want your child to say the wrong thing and mess up the project that cost a second mortgage on your home and look like a dumb ass.


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4 responses to “Parenting Tip #11 Science Projects

  1. in my country.. baby born to bring money, and help finance his family… so this “project” doesnt compatible in my country… sadly..

  2. waltzinexile

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting — Goat Daddy and I came right over to check out your blog and ended up reading all of the tips and laughing ourselves silly. You are truly gifted (and hella funny) and what I want to know is, with 3 kids, how do you find time to blog at all…?
    Also, congratulations on being such an excellent young parent. When I was 27, I couldn’t keep a houseplant alive for more than a month, so I’m quite impressed.

    • fkdupdad

      Thank you. I am glad you laughed. I find time to blog when ignoring them at the pool… JK….. But I appreciate the complement….

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