Parenting Tip # 37 Child’s First Talent Show


I think they should refrain from calling them talent shows because so few kids genuinely have what it takes to be defined as talented. But Daddy loves nothing more then to sit in a gymnasium for 2 hours and watch kids try to sing and dance. I believe as a parent it is our job to speak out against horrible performances. I don’t care if little Suzie is only 6 years old, she didn’t hit the note to High Schools Musical “Breaking Free.” And the only way she will know her performance sucked is because I stood up and booed her off the stage. I love how defensive parents can be, when you boo their child. They come up to you like they can make them sound better if they punch you in the face. I try to clam the situation by saying, “Look lets be realistic, you knew she sucked at singing, you allowed her to do this “so called Talent show” (make quotations with your hand) because you didn’t have the balls to tell her she sucked, and I believe in positive criticism as well so for every bad thing I say I should say something nice, she is really good at dancing and maybe when my daughter is as big as Miley Cyrus she can be her backup dancer.”

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One response to “Parenting Tip # 37 Child’s First Talent Show

  1. Paul F.

    This kind of parenting tip should be reinforced when they develop into teenage wannabee rock stars.

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