Parenting Tip # 39 Publicly Humiliate Your Child


As a parent you must publicly humiliate your child every chance you get. This teaches them not to care what people think or it teaches them to come home every night crying because they are the biggest loser in their school, either way it teaches them something. Remember your clothes from the 80’s, well they have to be considered vintage today. Tell your children grandma found a bunch of your old clothes from the attic that smell like fresh mothballs. Then make your children wear those cloths to school. Make it seem like a second Christmas like going to Goodwill but all the stuff is free. Point out that you use to wear that Alf t-shirt everyday and it was so cool back then so its gotta be super cool today.


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4 responses to “Parenting Tip # 39 Publicly Humiliate Your Child

  1. What? A.L.F isn’t still cool?

    On a side note: Let me teach you how twitter works. When I retweet your shit (aka RT) (no that does not stand for rock tit) then you say, Hey @joanieatwater thanks for the RT. and then I say no problem douchey.

    And then we’re besties.

    The end.

    • Jones, I know how to tweet…. joanieatwater is not me, badparentingadvice is me…. My tweets are tight I use to shorten my urls, AMAZING! We can still be besties once you #apologize, yes the # means trend it, publicly……

  2. Okay. CLEARLY I did not make myself….clear.

    1st. Your twitter name is not badparentingadvice. It’s badparentadvice.

    2nd. You want my apology to you to be a trending topic? lol. Wow. So you will never forgive me….for nothing. I’m not gonna lie. That sucks.

    3rd. I’m @joanieatwater, so maybe my comment will make more sense now.

    4th. I just read your whole blog to my husband. We laughed. The end. 🙂

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