Parenting Tip # 43 Teach Your Children a Second Language So They Can Talk To The Maid


Daddy failed foreign language three times and not because he didn’t want to learn a second language, but the class was scheduled inconveniently between cutting class and smoking pot. Besides looking back at High School showed Daddy that he hasn’t even effectively mastered the English language. But it’s necessary to start teaching your children a second language before they start killing brains cells with recreational drug abuse. So anytime before the age of 11 should be safe. Do you know how to say where is my dry cleaning in Spanish? No? Me neither. But my 5 year old can have a fluid conversation with Consuela. This is why it’s important to teach your child the value diversity so they can serve as an interpreter and also help delegate the housework. Also they can understand when the help is plotting to steal your stuff or just straight up talking shit behind your back.


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4 responses to “Parenting Tip # 43 Teach Your Children a Second Language So They Can Talk To The Maid

  1. HI…I’ve popped over from Anja. I feel compelled to add you to my blogroll…. 🙂

  2. Hey at least you don’t have to Press 1 for english anymore just hand the phone over to your 5 year old!

  3. Anja

    I can tell people to f*** off in six different languages. My parents did something right.

  4. TAO

    Damn! I knew I should have sent him to a Vietnamese immersion school instead of Spanish! I need a translator for when the nail ladies talk shit about me while I get pedicures!

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