Parenting Tip # 46 Putting Soap in Your Child’s Mouth for Swearing


Have you ever put soap in your child’s mouth? Well when Mommy’s dinner tastes like crap soap isn’t really all that effective. After inserting soap into the mouth of my oldest son, he looked up and said “Wow! That’s at least got (insert swear word he used the first time which was the reason he is receiving the soap, let me give you a hint: starts with F) fruity flavor!” The most important part of the tip is do not laugh when they are swearing, no matter how cute it is to see a 5-year-old drop the F bomb especially with alliteration like F*@#kin Fruity Flavor. But remember when in punishment mode do not show signs that swearing is acceptable or humorous. Back to the soap in mouth part, so the little bastard drops the F bomb again while I am inserting soap. And I say that’s why I am putting soap in your (I drop F bomb with a spice of ing) mouth to begin with! Why would you say it again? The child’s response “Yeah! It tastes good! Can we do that again?” I responded “Only if you say, ‘Please sir can I have another?'” I love when disciplining your child blows up in your face and instead of the child learning a lesson you discover mommy needs cooking lesson.



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5 responses to “Parenting Tip # 46 Putting Soap in Your Child’s Mouth for Swearing

  1. Seth

    I had a babsitter that used a drop of dish soap on the tongues of those of us who swore. It was AWFUL because the taste doesnt really leave for hours!! Well it all ended one day when some over protective parent threatened to call child protective. The results:

    The kids that were there are now in our late 20s and 30s, NONE of us swear!! Oh and that kid who’s mother was so worried? He’s been unemployed for years and is in jail for violating his wife’s restraining order. True story, I can name names!

  2. I totally did the dish soap thing! I would make them hold it in their mouths for a minute. Works like a fucking charm.

  3. Ari

    YES i do, when mine answered back, swore etc out came a bar of soap, as above said they had to hold it in their mouth so they really got the taste and boy did it work!. It is the best punishment in my view. I also often did it infront of their friends, a good idea too i think…their faces were as red as tomatoes!.

  4. I don’t use soap in my kids mouths, my mother use to make me bite of a chunk and chew it up and swallow it. Nothing like Irish Spring to make your breath fresh.

  5. Rebecca

    My mom used liquid soap on us… Dawn Dishsoap. It sure does get every nook and cranny of your mouth!

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