Parenting Tip # 47 Play Hide and Seek with your Kids


Anything that involves daddy spending time with his children is really not his cup of tea. Whoever said, “Children should be seen and not heard.” Probably didn’t have children cause honestly sometimes the sight of them can induce vomiting. That’s why daddy’s favorite game is “Hide and Seek.” This game can give you hours of peace and quiet. Daddy learned this trick during his volunteering days at Big Brothers Big Sisters. My mother thought it would be great if I was involved in the community, I thought it would be great to leave my little brother in a park for three hours while I went to the arcade.

Depending on your child’s attention span they might get antsy for you to find them. They will start by yelling, “I am over here daddy, bet you can’t find me.” Then 30mins to 1hr when you haven’t moved from the couch, they usually come out of hiding and look at you with a face that expresses pure victory. This is the time to help build their self-esteem or they might not want to play again. So don’t mess this up by saying I wasn’t even looking for you. Instead smile and say “Gee whiz you are such a good hider, since I couldn’t find you I guess that means Daddy has to count again.” Then before they can formulate a thought just start counting, “1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi.” And they’re off for another 30 minutes or so.


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2 responses to “Parenting Tip # 47 Play Hide and Seek with your Kids

  1. I heard about you “dadbloggers” on NPR the other afternoon — check it out on line if you get the chance —

  2. Anonymous

    Totally awesome.

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