Parenting Tip #50 Give Your Child Cute Little Nicknames


When giving your child a nickname its important that this name describes your frustration with the child. My daughter for example always spills her drinks. So Daddy has named her Spills McGhee. And without fail every time I call her Spills McGhee she cries. So then I add, “Spills McGhee, Don’t cry over spilt milk, Spills McGhee.” See that’s where the lesson fits in. I tied it back to an old fashion saying. But it’s important to use the nickname frequently because it also teaches them not to make that mistake again. Now when she spills a drink she automatically cries and looks at me in fear that I might call her Spills McGhee. I always respond to that fear by looking her in the eye and yelling in a “I told you so tone” by saying “Spills McGee strikes again!” It’s not that I mind her spilling a drink and wasting valuable resources, but she seems to spill the drink all over the table at the worst time, right before Daddy is about to chow down on dinner. But don’t limit the nickname as a response to a certain activity, call them the nickname out of nowhere just so they remember that you never forget.


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7 responses to “Parenting Tip #50 Give Your Child Cute Little Nicknames

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  2. I really like your site. I am glad I did not teach my child, little Tad Lincoln, in this manner.

    Perhaps you will like my site as well.

  3. thank you very much, I am looking forward to following you in the future

  4. LVISS


  5. B1355R0K

    Oh man! Spills McGhee lol. I feel it’s also good to nickname your spouse too. Like Gassy McFartsalot, Belchy McBurples, and Drinky McLush. That way she she knows to keep her bad habits in check.

  6. I like calling my two-year old son by a whole lot of names. unfortunately, my wife hates them all. When he was younger, it was chub-chub. As he became older, they were less flattering (or more, depending on how flattering you consider chub-chub). Most of the names I give him are those I liek hearing him repeat. Like Num-nuts. I know, not very nice, but hysterical to listen to as it rolls from his mouth.
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