Parenting Tip # 51 What To Do When Your Child Throws A Temper Tantrum


I love going to the store without my children and seeing other parents struggling with their terribly behaved little monsters throwing temper tantrums, screaming and crying. Their misery is so amusing to me. When I walk by I always smile and say, “Isn’t that cute… does your child have Tourettes?” But when Daddy goes out with his four-year-old, the youngest and the only one who hasn’t gotten the memo that Daddy doesn’t play the temper tantrum game, and when he throws himself on the floor and starts wailing, all the parents around you look up and want to see your reaction. Like what are you gonna do, smack him, yell at him, or give in like a big fat pussy. But NO! Daddy doesn’t respond by hitting, smacking, or yelling. Daddy throws himself on the ground in the middle of Toys-R-Us and starts crying out, “I want a new car! I don’t want to drive a freaking Mini Van and look like a freakin’ loser in front of my friends! But Daddy can’t keep his dick in his pants and now regrets going to toy store!” Then I calmly stand up and say, “Now shut up, put the toy in the god damn cart, and lets go! Daddy loves you.”


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12 responses to “Parenting Tip # 51 What To Do When Your Child Throws A Temper Tantrum

  1. learninmama

    LMAO! Too funny!

  2. Next time one of my little ones throws a tantrum in the store (which will probably be very soon), I will follow your sage advice. Who says we shouldn’t writhe in pain and disgust on the floor just like our pissed-off kids do? That’ll show the bastards.

  3. Brilliant advice, as usual! 😆

  4. JORGE

    hahahaha, i swear i saw someone do this in a grocery store once, was that you? lol

  5. mediamugshot

    What if you’re in Target and not Toys-R-Us?

  6. lifeisacookie

    Please oh please oh please have someone video that the next time you do it!?!?! I demand a YouTube clip!

  7. Hilarious!..I’m stealing that move.
    When my 3.7 starts up I tell him to let rip dude! Scream all you want! I love it!
    To which he replys ‘ I dont WANT to’
    We all know 3.7 year olds are defiant little bastards 🙂

  8. This is a great blog site!

    I am so glad I am not the only one who recognizes that there is quite A LOT of Bad Advice going around the internet, especially parenting advice!

    That was the impetus for my current book and my new facebook fan page of Granny Pants’ Daily Parenting Tips. Please scrutinize my Parenting Tips! They are tried and true after a lifetime of working with kids of all ages from several countries, not just the U.S. I have seen what bad parenting habits and trendy advice from non-professionals (or professionals looking for job security) does to kids, believe me!

    Granny Pants
    (A badge I have earned!)

  9. Great advice.

    There is always a reason behind the challenging behavior. Children with challenging behaviors are sending the message that something is not right. Because they don’t know how to express themselves of their feeling or what they want, instead they act their feeling out with the challenging behaviors. At this time they want to get adults’ attention by putting them into trouble.

    The loving parents need to have patience to finger out the meaning behind the challenging behaviors to provide the children support and guidance to better communicate. When children learn the positive way to communicate, they won’t act with challenging behaviors and can be more sociable when they grow up.


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