Parenting Tip # 54 Teaching Your Child Failure Is Not An Option


Stress can be fun if you harvest it correctly, into your children. Instilling values like second place is for the biggest loser or even though you were runner up that still means you were weren’t the prettiest or the most talented. By teaching your child not to fail you put tremendous pressure on them, some might say it’s unhealthy but that’s usually the people that are losers or have loser children. It’s a simple philosophy, you teach your child that failing is shameful and that your love for them is contingent on them always winning. This will either drive them to be very successful or push them over the edge emotionally, to a state of unhappiness that will result in failed suicide attempts (and when they fail at trying to kill themselves, make sure to point out how they are a complete failure because they didn’t even do that right).


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4 responses to “Parenting Tip # 54 Teaching Your Child Failure Is Not An Option

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  2. *blink*

    Okay then – you cover it all…


    I read your posts to my kids (well…’some’ of what you post – they ARE older kids but *shrug* a lot of what you have to say sounds like their ‘ex-dad’)

    Whether it is your intent or not – being able to see some humor in the things you have to say here has actually helped my boys gain a different perspective of their own Father.

    I won’t call it therapy – just guilty fun.

    What would not be amusing or endearing in real life becomes so when viewed as ‘fictional’ in your posts.

    If I may?

    I would like to thank you for posting.

    I know that many are – VERY – offended by much of what you post…

    (I will bet any money you are neither surprised by that or very worried about what the heck anyone feels about what you share *smile*)

    So *tries not to ramble more* thanks.


  3. whocares

    This post is just. Option #1be very successful or option #2failed suicidal attempts. I’m option number, and yes, these are the outcomes. Compared to ppl my age, i am successful, yea….yet i still feel like i am not good enough. I am always comparing myself to other people. Is this what you want your daughter to be? To always feel pressured and godforbid some1 ends up being a bit better than her.

  4. whocares

    I was trying to say i turned out to be option #2

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