Parenting Tip # 58 Never Let Your Children Call Your Bluff

While taking a road trip with my children shortly after Christmas, they all received Nintendo DSi’s including 15 games a piece. But conveniently they all seemed to want to play only one game, so they all started fighting over the one game. My youngest, who knows his role as the baby in the family started crying. Now when my middle child punches the youngest in the face, he doesn’t flinch, but God forbid you take something from him and it is automatic water works. Daddy in his infinite wisdom did not feel like dealing with the situation, maybe it was the holiday hangover or sheer exhaustion of having three kids, but I decided to just take away all of the Nintendo DSi’s. I advised the children that they would not get them back until they figured out who was going to get what game. Well after 30 minutes and no conclusion, Daddy threatened to throw them out the window. My middle child looked me dead in the eye and said, “If you throw them out the window you will go to jail.” I advised him that Daddy knows the law and that I would only receive a fine, also if I can prove that some less fortunate kid off the street picked it up I can write that off on my taxes as charity work. My son then looked in my eyes through the rear view mirror again and with a straight face said, “I dare you to throw it out the window, I will ask Santa for another DSi next Christmas!”

Never let your children call your bluff it weakens your children’s perception of your false authority. So Daddy grabbed the DSi’s and abruptly rolled down the window, making a throwing motion. All the children started crying and my son, who was so cocky at first had now realized Daddy doesn’t bluff and screamed, “No I was joking, I am sorry.” But Daddy had already thrown them out the window, to little to late, little buddy.


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11 responses to “Parenting Tip # 58 Never Let Your Children Call Your Bluff

  1. ovendoor

    It builds character. They’ll thank you when they’re 30.

  2. Jamie

    you should never let your boyfriend call your bluff either. ha!

  3. Well, hopefully that was a gift that actually got your family talking to each other and interacting or possibly even reading or learning something or singing or practicing those flash cards so they are all up to speed in school or telling stories, etc…….. And maybe even some exercise like running along the frontage road of the highway, even in the cold (with a jacket and hat of course), to make sure the kids didn’t go agro on each other because they hadn’t moved their bodies enough, which DVD’s, IPod’s and Nintendo seemed to forget to include in their design. I used to travel with 3 kids by myself on very long trips without any electronic assistance and the only day I felt like pulling my hair out was the day we didn’t exercise because it was raining too hard. The next day I think I found a shopping mall for them to run through. It really works! Kids need to learn to interact and converse with parents too. The car is often the only time a parent will have a completely captive audience to do all of the above, which can be some of the best moments to share and remember as a family. What kind of quality interaction is fostered from teaching our kids that to have them “tuned-out” is best so we can have some peace? “That peaceful moment today is sure to bring mountains of malevolence in the future.” (from ) When kids are going agro in the car on a long trip, or on the plane, it is because they haven’t had either enough exercise, sleep, or decent food that is not loaded with sugar or oftentimes they are suffering from all three! SO, how WAS the rest of that trip spent anyway? I am curious to hear how the story really ended!

  4. Sheryl

    This reminds me of a box of Ritzs bits and a trip home from camp. Really Pete the Ritz bits were only a couple of dollars I really hope you didn’t throw the DSi’s out the window. Gotta love Mikey, seems to me you have a child just like you were. This mom’s pray answered. Now if your sister ends up with one just like her it will be a double score. LOL.

  5. I can always count on your blog for a dose of reality and a good chuckle! As a teacher, I have long ago learned to not make any threats you are not willing to carry out, you do lose all credibilty that way. I hope you did really throw it out, good for you. I also hope that next time, just putting it in what we call “toy jail” for awhile would prob also work. However, I do like your style! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This has got to be one of the funniest parenting stories I’ve ever read. I wonder what kind of story you’d have to make up to give the toys back later on.

  7. Spicey

    hate it for the lil creatins…they will know better next time for sure!

  8. Just brilliant… I think your behaviour is totally justified, even though its your own money you are wasting!
    With my son I like to cut off my nose to spite my face at least three times a week!

  9. My favorite was when my mom used to pull over and tell us to get out of the car. When I actually got out of the car, she rode beside me screaming at me, “GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THIS CAR RIGHT THIS MINUTE!” So far everything I’ve ever done to her has come back to bite me in the ass. So, I won’t be bluffing the little cretins anytime soon.

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