Parenting Tip # 63 Teaching Your Children To Eat Healthy

My children loved pizza and Mc Donald’s. Every time daddy asked them what they wanted to eat they would say PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! If I tried to serve anything healthy they would roll their eyes and not eat it. So I decided to ruin their favorite food. Daddy use to love Doritos and would eat it all the time, until one day daddy was drunk and vomited Doritos in the back seat of his friends new Lexus. I never talked to that friend again, not because I was embarrassed about puking in his car, but he tried to make daddy pay for the clean up. It’s not my fault you make me sea sick when you drive drunk. But what I learned from that experience besides screwing up a 10 year friendship over who vomited in whose luxury car was if you vomit something you like you usually won’t eat it again. So daddy bought 15 pizzas and I kept feeding them pizza until they vomited all over the place. Now when I ask them what they want for dinner they say, “Anything but Pizza!” Mission Accomplished.



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2 responses to “Parenting Tip # 63 Teaching Your Children To Eat Healthy

  1. Jerry

    Pay the bill. Its only money. But if he wont be a friend unless you pay the bill then dont pay the bill. Friendship is worth way more then money and each should accept some responsibilty and try to work it out. Its a new luxery car and the guy might be pretty amped about it and not thinking clearly. Personally, I would not ask a good friend to pay for cleaning up their throw up mess in my car. But if it was someone being wreakless and abusive I wouldnt hesitate to ask. But then I wouldnt expect that they would pay. It would be a good way to get people you dont like or respect out of your life.

  2. Sarah Crowe

    Wow! Really funny!

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