Full List of Messed Up Parenting Tips

Parenting Tip # 66 Horror Movies Can Teach Your Children Valuable Lessons

Parenting Tip # 65 Teaching Your Children to Eat Healthy (Part 2)

Parenting Tip # 64 How To Bring Your Children Back Down To Earth

Parenting Tip # 63 Teaching Your Children To Eat Healthy

Parenting Tip # 62 Talking to Your Children About Drugs

Parenting Tip # 61 Never Protect Your Children from Non-Emanate Danger

Parenting Tip # 60 Little Snitches Get Stitches Too

Parenting Tip # 59 Make Ridiculous Promises to your Children that are Impossible to Keep

Parenting Tip # 58 Never Let Your Children Call Your Bluff

Parenting Tip # 57 How to Tell Your Children Santa Claus Isn’t Real

Parenting Tip # 56 Never Talk to your Child, Always Yell at Them…..

Parenting Tip # 55 The First Day of School

Parenting Tip # 54 Teaching Your Child Failure Is Not An Option

Parenting Tip # 53 Don’t Hug Your Children You Might Get Lice

Parenting Tip # 52 Embarrass Your Child At Their Birthday Party

Parenting Tip # 51 What To Do When Your Child Throws A Temper Tantrum

Parenting Tip #50 Give Your Child Cute Little Nicknames

Parenting Tip #49 Teaching Your Child the Importance of Prayer

Parenting Tip # 48 Rules For Attending Your Child’s Sporting Events

Parenting Tip # 47 Play Hide and Seek with your Kids

Parenting Tip # 46 Putting Soap in Your Child’s Mouth for Swearing

Parenting Tip # 45 Talking to Your Child About Sex Part II (Girls)

Parenting Tip # 44 Talking to Your Child About Sex Part I (Boys)

Parenting Tip # 43 Teach Your Children a Second Language So They Can Talk To The Maid

Parenting Tip # 42 Crayons + Kids + Lack of Supervision Does Not = Success

Parenting Tip # 41 How to Explaining Thunder and Lighting to Your Kids

Parenting Tip # 40 Reading to Your Child is like Cheating

Parenting Tip # 39 Publicly Humiliate Your Child

Parenting Tip # 38 Discussing Reality When Children Tell You What They Want to Be “When They Grow Up.”

Parenting Tip # 37 Child’s First Talent Show

Parenting Tip # 36 Learning How to Ride a Bike

Parenting Tip # 35 Ice Cream is the Breakfast of Champions

Parenting Tip # 34 Coaching your Children Through Injuries

Parenting Tip # 33 Killing your Child’s Imagination

Parenting Tip # #32 Fourth of July Firework Safety and Child Supervision

Parenting Tip # 31 Taking the Children on a Road Trip

Parenting Tip # 30 Teaching Your Child the Meaning of Hypocrisy

Parenting Tip # 29 Behavior While Dining Out with your Children

Parenting Tip # 28 Discussing Divorce with your Child

Parenting Tip # 27 The Tooth Fairy

Parenting Tip# 26 How To Handle Ugly Children

Parenting Tip #25 Feed Your Children Generic Food

Parenting Tip # 24 No Award or Trophy Will Ever Make You Special

Parenting Tip # 23 Telling Your Child They Were an Accident

Parenting Tip # 22 Never Let Your Children Beat You During Family Fun Time

Parenting Tip # 21 Paternity Testing

Parenting Tip # 20 Throw Away Your Child’s Favorite Toy

Parenting Tip # 19 Father’s Day

Parenting Tip # 18 Teaching your Child How to Cope with Death

Parenting Tip # 17 Stealing Your Child’s Credit Score

Parenting Tip # 16 Children’s Benadryl is More Than Just a Cough Suppressant

Parenting Tip # 15 What Smacking Can’t Accomplish Emotional Abuse Will

Parenting Tip # 14 Bullying is an Acceptable Behavior

Parenting Tip #13 Never Say if you Finish your Dinner you Get Dessert

Parenting Tip #12 Teach Your Child to Cheat

Parenting Tip #11 Science Projects

Parenting Tip #10 Always Pick a Clear Favorite Child

Parenting Tip #9 Always Place the Blame on your Children

Parenting Tip #8 Teach Your Kids to Never Talk to Strangers

Parenting Tip # 7 Always Make Sure The Theme Park You Visit Serves Alcohol

Parenting Tip # 6 Invest in Movies

Parenting Tip # 5 It is Important to Smack your Child

Parenting Tip #4 Set Expectations for your Children

Parenting Tip #3 Never Tell Your Children You Love Them

Parenting Tip #2 Teach Your Children How to Do Stuff Around The House

Parenting Tip#1 Never Look Your Kid in the Eyes


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