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Parenting Tip # 59 Make Ridiculous Promises to your Children that are Impossible to Keep

Let’s be real for a moment, life will never give you what you want, so why raise your children with high expectations and create a major let down once they go out into the real world. By letting your children down daily and early in life, they quickly learn to take life by the horns and become self motivated, or they just cry in their room all day saying life isn’t fair. This will allow the parent to figure out early if your child is going to college or to make long term plans for them to live with you for the rest of your life. But it also helps the child because it doesn’t become devastating later in life, when they realize they can’t have everything.

Daddy likes to make promises that are nearly impossible to keep. For example: One day I was out with my daughter and she was misbehaving, I told her if she could be good for an hour I would buy her a Unicorn. Her face little up with joy and she quickly behaved for the rest of the trip. The next morning she asked Daddy if she could go now and get her Unicorn. My reply was, “Unicorns aren’t real!”



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