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Parenting Tip # 61 Never Protect Your Children from Non-Imminent Danger

First, Daddy would like to clarify this tip is specifically geared for boys, sexist it might be, but let’s remember gender roles are real, know your role. As Daddy walked through the park yesterday with his kids running a muck, somewhere, not sure where, but they came back, unfortunately. But as Daddy walked in the park, I spotted a father and son walking together. The boy was a toddler and looked like he was just learning to walk. What pissed me off about his parenting skills wasn’t his keen supervision of his child, but as his child edged toward a puddle, he intervened and saved him from the soggy doom. As parents it’s our job not to teach our sons to grow up thinking Daddy is going to save us from trivial things like water. Luckily as this was happening my middle child came up and I whispered in his ear to push the boy in the puddle.



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