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Parenting Tip # 60 Little Snitches Get Stitches Too

It annoys Daddy to no end when my children talk to me to begin with, but when they use that time to tell on each other, it sets Daddy threw roof. Tattle tailing children will grow up will no social skills because they are always looking for someone else to solve their problems. We all know those types of people today and they’re the ones you want to smash in the face with a Louisville slugger. Daddy teaches his children that “Snitches Get Stitches.” A saying my children love cause Daddy made it fun for them by singing it as a rhyme. Daddy tried making another rhyme like tattle tails might not go to jail but they have no friends cause they are pussies, the kids didn’t like that one to much. But I try to teach my children to spread the word for the greater good, when we go to the park now and a child says they are telling on them this set my children into stealth mode and they will go to extremes to prevent that child from snitching. It’s cute cause they chant “Snitches gets stitches.” As they kick the child in the spine.



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